Youssef Sadek

Yousef Sadek ,Egypt

Yousef Sadek
Inspired by the culture with aim to bring a breath to arts that are on the verge of disappearing blending of original design with modern expectations, every one of our art works has a dramatic story of it's own to tell.

I am a contemporary artist working on copper  art created of 3-D sculptures, born in 1950 in Middle Egypt.
Graduated from Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt in 1975  with a BA degree, Faculty of Arts.
Worked in a cosmopolitan environment joint ventures , Egy – Swiss and Egy - German till 1999 when starting my own business in agro industry inoculating  with my Studio’s Copper Elements.

Copper nefer

It's origin has a long squared shaft with two small crossbars near the top and oval body at the bottom. The shape of the symbol is believed to represent an animal's heart and windpipe.

Copper Nefer     Pleasant connotations of this symbol made it a popular element in personal names. We believe this would bring as much joy to receivers as to ourselves.

Touching the influence of our heritage in copper objects, these artworks based on the shape of the nefer hieroglyph symbolizing youth and beauty or also representing the letters nfr. We integrate authentic elements derived from the past and our own copper sculptures in modernistic minimalist compositions .    
the artworks are intact
formerly in a private collection assembled Y Copper Creation

Interview with Yousef Sadek

Why are you an artist Yousef?
I am an artist  because of my inner drive.  I create according to the feelings of my heart and they are Imagination, Intuition and Inspiration.
What is art in your own thought?
Art is the inner way of knowing that what I can create is worth to be made.  I am the creator of the idea given to me by an inner impulse.  I follow my inner dialog.  
What advice can you give to an aspiring artist?
To listen carefully to the process of inspiration that is going on inside.  It may be chaotic sometimes and therefore it is good to develop an inner ear of listening.  This can be achieved in meditation when one engages with the inner creative dialog that develops.
Also keep your eyes open in the outside world and develop an outside eye of noticing detail, even in the tiniest things noticed.
Nature is very helpful in this respect.
Tell us more about your artwork?
I work with the materia l that is given to me by nature in my environment.  My copper art has developed through my interest in conserving the old dinanderie artwork from the past. In making it immortal by taking pictures and describing it, I received the idea of melting the copper and create new more modern art with it.  In this way, I serve two purposes.  Also, copper art can be very creatively combined with the natural stone in my environment "basalt" which has already an artistic radiance by it self.
How do you manage to market and sell your artwork?
Artistic groups can help better way in exchanging my art trade and help to build best art relation.
Who are your influences in art?
My country has a very rich artistic history.  I have inspired the old Egyptian, Coptic and Islamic arts.

My Art comes from the heart



Quote in the Art?
My Art comes from the heart, the core of my being, seeing my creation develop with my inner eye.
How will you succeed your works of art to this modern times?
By using the internet as a means of coming into contact with like-minded people with who I can share and interchange my ideas.
What art would you like to do but cannot?  Why?
I do what I could do....I am living in possibility...
Tell us more about your current series of artwork?
My current series of artwork has developed through my wish of conserving the ancient dinanderie copper artwork in picture and word.  By melting the copper of these ancient artworks, I can develop my current series of artwork and create something more appropriate for the present era.


My work has met with great success world wide and is represented in many private collections.

My Facebook virtual friends exceeds 3000 my fan page!/Ycu2C                             liked by nearly 700 fans.

My art works spreading in more that 50 art groups and features in many  blogs.



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