Interviewed in 1989, on the protection of the city's green



To close , the word to a painter - Umberto Boscolo - one with the green and the colors of nature in general has a real "feeling": << The landscape of Como is lovely and green is the dominant color it is, rather the city center and the most impacted by this problem, because the spaces on which to act are very low, I would suggest an intervention of public administrators in support of private individuals: so you could embellish with plants balconies and the streets of downtown, as well as the beautiful courtyards that many old houses retain >>.

The excerpt of a letter from Aunt Gina, in the turbulent period of the game


Rovigo 10 - 5-1971

Dear Umberto,

I received a letter from Carla et I understood that today you start your turn with lavoro.Mi this to you because I feel my duty to tell you a few words good, you know, the advice never go bad, do good to us, even if we are seniors _ I wanted to say that I want to follow you and know you often enjoy the waves with you of

your return to the good _ I recommend you do not tear up my letters, but read them well and ponder on. I know you want

to redeem yourself with your work and you can put in place

 your shortcomings; do not doubt, however, because if you do well, I'll help you ...

The origin of the name of art




In the second half of the seventies began to sign his works under the pseudonym Woodns. It happened that one of the first days in which novel approaches to the portrait, you piazzasse with easel and chair to the gardens on the lake of Como, and there he approached an Englishman who had himself portrayed. They knew a lot of the Italian language. The painter then do not hesitate to ask how you translate the word "Ritratto" in English, to be able to then write on his clipboard, often used as a billboard. And that, of course, with an inscription in English so would attract the attention of foreigners. The British responded by telling him "portrait", with the promise that he would have finished painting written on a piece of paper. A finished portrait, for its part, english, looked at the signature of the painter, and said, "Woodns" ,explaining that in his language the word "Boscolo" you could translate well (although, to be honest, with a small mispronunciation because, between Italian and English, is the translation of forest woods). That day, however, Umberto Boscolo, now ... become Woodns, came home with a new inscription on the folder and an unusual word engraved on the heart. WORD that made her forever.

Boscolo - from heraldry: the lineage who assumed this name as inhabitants of a small forest near Submarine Chioggia.


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