Stand Red - One of her few poems.





 On my easel

Near sitting

the beautiful and fresh Gypsy


blacks and almond eyes

insightful on the ego

long earrings, worked sapphires

red lips, virgin carved

secret words, breaths.

Gypsy will not see you

ever again.

Hooray easel red.


 Senigallia, 23 August 1982. Umberto Boscolo Woodns

His readings






One of his books. Written by Julian Kremmerz, which is certainly to be counted among the favorite authors.

Never flew ...




He won the first prize ... Ironically it was a plane ticket. He was afraid of flying, never went there. He defended himself by saying, "I want to die with my feet on the ground."

Work book ...


A page from the book of job, recalled that on which a record was also taken as a bricklayer!

The first communion in an orphanage during the war


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