Salvatore Romano

Salvatore Romano * The black unicorn




Salvatore Romano was born in Palermo,  1957. In the same city and attended the Art Institute that the Academy of Fine Arts Course of Painting. In 1981, shortly after graduating the Academy of BB.AA. he moved to Florence. He currently lives and works in San Piero a Ponti, Florence, Tuscany (FI)

Among the numerous group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, art events, publications of books and magazines and television interviews in which he participated he remembers:

- Provincial Centre of Palermo Ass. Naz. "Grenadiers of Sardinia", 1st Collective Art "Grenadiers of Sardinia" - Palermo, November 13, 1976;

- City of Viareggio - 7th National Contest of Painting and Graphics Viareggio-Collezione "76" - Viareggio November 20, 1976;

- 7th National Prize of Painting and Graphics "Colors of Winter 1977 - Viareggio, February 12, 1977;

- January 25, 1980 solo exhibition at Arte Viva in Palermo;

- Cultural Centre "Europe" Mondello - 4th National Exhibition of Figurative Art, July 1980;

- The voice of Caccamo - March 1980 by A. Vazzano;

- The Tomorrow, February 14, 1980, by A. White of Greek;

- UNI'IDEA, Salvatore Romano in "Art Viva ..." ... 1980;

- Palermo in January 1980, dedicated to the poet James Giardina;

- The Diary "Art" Thursday, February 14, 1980, "We hope the painters of Palermo" Palermo 1980;

- Journal of Sicily, Palermo GS Friday, February 1, 1980;

- TIME, Tuesday, July 29, 1980, Palermo 1980;

- The Art Journal, Thursday, January 17, 1980, "Romano to Jade" Toti Garraffa, Palermo 1980;

- Salvatore Romano, January 1981 Solo Exhibition at the Gallery of Artevita Linee d'Arte Palermo;

- Cultural Center University of Palermo Opera Giovani engravers of the Academy of BelleArti Palermo in January 1981;

- February 1980 Exhibition of Indian products to help children in the Third World c / o Gallery Artevita, Palermo.



...I mean first of all, as I see the figure of the artist. I think it's to dismantle, to destroy the idea of the artist who sits at a table half an hour a day makes you a nice little drawing, the beautiful painting and then resumes the morrow at the usual hour. The artist is one who lives moment to moment his life through his own works, sweaty work, suffered....


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