Luigi Fiorin

Luigi Fiorin," The birth of a new era "



- Tempera on carved cardboard - cm. 50 X 70




Luigi Fiorin : Been born in the '35, at Rome, he spends the youth under the second world war events of the conflict, first to Milan, subsequently in Toscany in and, in Veneto, where he graduates, and he gets the first prize of Also poetry from the hands of Andrea Zanzotto.

University student, he faces His insertion into the society. And ', as, employed, dealers, hotel-keeper, Painter, Draftsman of the books "Editions of the Seahorse, Hippocampus," executives of firm - Star To The Worth of the Job, Received from the President of Italian Republic.

He Frequents Also Brera Academy, and in the evening, to His First collective, earns an unespected medal with St. Ambrose.

He works very hard. He partecipates to other collective shows, among Which, to Rome, "Etoile" in Lucina Square, Street Margutta Jiulia Street, Street of the Baboon, the Artists' Church (therd prize with The following motivation: "He has known how to give an imprint of original imagination, also in. the sign of a Rigorous graphics, to His paintings devoted to the extinction of animals in the street ").

He partecipates Also in Buenos Aires to the collective organized by the fifteenth "Salon Internacional de Arte Nacional y", in Rome to "Bracolo" Gallery in Bologna to ArteBo Association, in San Remo "Artists with Heart", to "Expo Punta Arts International ", Punta del Este, Uruguay, to Artemisia Gallery, Bergamo, to" Domus Talents ", Rome, via Quattro Fontane.

On the literary plan, an essay he Publics Entitled

" The Silphion", by "The Author Florence Books" edition, and an article from the title "Magic Sutri" magazine on the "Meetings".
Some Of His poetries are published.


For his work as a business executive, he was awarded the Decoration of "Stella al Merito del Lavoro" by the President of the Republic.


Turists to the carnival - Acrylic on canvas - cm. 50 X 70


"In his works, the adherence to the subject is never passive, but powerfully charged by his personal vision...

El Candombe - Acrylic on canvas - cm. 60 X 80


Canvases, in which the color plays a preponderant part...

The meal between the Silphion - Acrylic on canvas - cm. 70 X 100


The line, at times round and open, at times hard and dray, it shows his critical position, constructively criticism, towards the reality...

Pongo pygmaeus in danger of extinction - Water-Colour - cm. 35 X 50


He was Able to give, also, an imprint of the original fantasy, while the mark of a modern graphic designs for His paintings dedicated to endangered animals. "



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