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The pencils of Alice



Alice and her Pencils


 "Lapis, aromatum de rubrica sic vulgo vocant, liber Toscani quam vidistis in tenues frusta oblonga et acutus factus est: et de variis, ut color plumbi, et Lapis Plumbinum appellatur; et nigro, et nigrum Lapis appellationes. "

(Caietanus Volpi, MDCCLVI)
  * "Lapis, so called vulgarly some spices of red earth, called by 'Toscani book, which you saw in thin oblong pieces, and they become acute is written: and it is of various sorts, such as color of lead, and is called Lapis Piombino, and black, black and Lapis appeals. "
(Gaetano Volpi, 1756
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Study eyes

* " When I started doing portraits to the people from his eyes. Li studied for minutes and minutes, abbozzavo them with the Pencil and that was the secret because once you've drawn the eyes .. What happens is that all the rest will come by itself, is as if all the other pieces to glide yourself around that starting point ... "
Alessandro Baricco 
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Mountain Lake

* " It seemed marked by the Pencil of the humorist a mountain trail that wound through the pines, now appiattandosi by a thick bush, now darting into the open meadow, carelessly curious to every stream and every precipice, completely hypocritical seriousness when it departs of the highway, all the follies and escapades when he threw himself on the soft carpet of the "Field of Flowers". 
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* D'Annunzio, IV-I-330: 
On the face of shameless Luna ran a black cloud, 
drawn with force and a skill worthy of the
Pencil of O-Kou-Sai." 
  * see Dictionary of Italian UTET

Boy with guitar

* D'Annunzio, IV-I-200: 
"Others are sanguine pencil, a black Pencil, three pencils with a touch of pastel pencil ... Sometimes the blood contains par purple,
the black Pencil gives a sign velvety. "
* see Dictionary of Italian UTET 
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