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Work and uses it really changed a lot ..

The relationship with the work was never idyllic, Boscolo. Indeed, we say that it was quite intolerant towards him. Especially refractory to permanent position and the routine that inevitably entailed. Still works and places it changed so many. This indifference, however, boasted of never having been unemployed a day. And it was true. Years were lucky, there was no crisis of any occupational category, and most of the work was still done manually. Rarely required education qualification, still prevailed strength and athleticism. His secret was that. As a young corpulent and also good-looking, employers did not hesitate to hire him. These are his words.
But another of his peculiarities was this: when he knocked one of those doors, claimed to be capable and experienced in performing the task request. And he endeavored invented, wearing clothes that had never worn. The nice thing is that most of the time he could play well and kept the place. Other times it was lost in a short time. Once told (laughing), its shorter work experience. When he was hired at a construction site and, having claimed to be a bricklayer with several years of experience, the foreman put it to work immediately with cement and trowel to plaster a wall. He picked up the tool load of mortar, waiting to be pushed forward against the wall, he tried, but the dough took the opposite direction and ended up plastering the face of the superior. He was immediately fired. To understand his versatility in the field, just think of a winter evening when he and his son and a son's friend, did the work on behalf of the specialties that had experimented. The result was about seventy varieties. We can only imagine the number of jobs, jobs that often left so not too orthodox. Episodes, these, due to a rather irascible personality and indomitable, even more pronounced, at the time, the youth and the little wisdom that this brings.
Intolerance to the above-mentioned work increased exponentially after trips to Italy and the consequent devotion to the art. Took some time to paint and on time if you took it. Affected by Graves' disease and one of its more subtle forms, considered inoperable by doctors, received partial disability, which allowed him to long periods of illness alternating with short periods of work. Thus being able to devote to his art most of the time. Finally broke free from the slavery of work a few years later, when he became an invalid one hundred percent.

So it was that the art prevailed.


Miniature watercolor on cotton paper 2,5 x3 cm

Woodns in a photo after work.

In those years, the world of work ... still prevailed strength and athleticism.

Artist at work

Dark series - Work. Miniature, mixed charcoal and acrylic on cotton paper, 2,5 x3, 5 cm (Private Collection - F. & M. B. W.

To easel

Intolerance to  

Work increased after trips to Italy and grew the resulting Devotion 's



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