Antonio Sánchez-Gil Sánchez-Carnerero (Sangil) - Persephone







"In Greek mythology, Persephone ('that brings death') is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter ('mother'.) The young girl, named so far Kore ('kόρη', 'daughter'), is kidnapped by Hades and became the queen of the underworld ...






       Antonio Sánchez - Sánchez Gil - Carnerero



                                   Director of "Arte y Cartelera"

                                  Collaborator "La Cigüeña"

                              "  Expert in E-learning:
                                  Education and Training Online "

                                  Founder of the "Academia Sangil"

MINERVA TRAVELING IN TIME - Is it dematerializing gradually over time.




" Part of my work is to clarify the different stages through which passes a human body to travel from our three-dimensional space in a four-dimensional space, in my opinion a special machine that produces electromagnetic fields in the body that cause these phenomena is needed. :

APHRODITE - The body vibrates at atomic and molecular level ...


First : The body begins to vibrate inside the atomic and molecular level, after ...

ANDROMEDA - For transportation to the fourth dimension


Second: The vibration continues to increase to produce a progressive deformation of the body ...

VENUS - Venus is in all dimensions seductive ...


Third: You reach a point where the body disintegrates and disappears seemingly, to appear in the fourth dimension. "

Antonio Sánchez-Gil Sánchez-Carnerero (Sangil)


Fourth dimension, description :





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