Rémi Granier

Rémi Granier, The sociologist of color



Born in 1985, drawing and color guided my childhood for me to discover a few years ago the paintings. I painted my first paintings in 1997, and I have had my first command in 1998. I worked to seek compositions sometimes symbolic, sometimes daily to try to express a view on the real world.


My technique was directed towards the oil paint, acrylic and India ink with which I was able to get a first exhibition in 2005. Then I discovered other techniques such as carving or modeling. I also work with several artists for exhibitions Lyonnais in companies, then I took the part of an exhibit on art market in 2009 to continue to get feedback on my production and make available for painting in the street.


I then proposed an exhibition "of the dream every day" in 2009 in which the compositions and installations were trying to pick up the pace of everyday life. I mounted this exhibition after winning a competition by European Bronze Medal 2010 Award Carneades. I then took more confidence in my artistic work allowing me to answer several command whose "minotor" 2010 in a club Lyon.

Narcissus plot bacchus

My paintings are trying to account for the distortion that we can have of reality in a single image. The perception of reality can not be done outside of the action of our imagination, the painter must make visible the invisible aliens that are the colors and shapes real or imaginary.

The mystery of the red ball


My works are visible:
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