Tribute to Vincenzo Pacilio

Tribute to the artist Vincenzo Pacilio

Vincenzo Pacilio,was born in Naples in 1921, podiatrist by profession. He was a man devoted to his work and Especially to the family, where he managed to convey to Their children with kindness and patience to his knowledge and his artistic skills Also. The latter, understood and received as a gift to his son Max Began His painting as a hobby, Which was dedicated in his office, where he created a little corner where you can relax and unleash
its trends artistiche.Egli painting and devoted Himself to the pursuit of beautiful nativity, in Respect of the most exquisite Neapolitan tradition. His painting was born at the amateur level and then Took professional connotation, and at the highest levels. The artist, who was professor of painting, from the years '60, at the 'Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. His precious Teachings are still fondly remembered today. One example is the case of Prof. Carlo Lombardi in 2009, remembered him in a letter along with his paintings, like this: "Person, polite, reserved and prepared. With skillful teaching, the students prepared and laid the groundwork for a 'futuristic contemporary art. His works, in fact, albeit from figurative assumptions, Expressed content-based search Cubist painting So That his expression went beyond the bounds of common dimension. "The Lombardi in his epistle That adds its staff dedicated to viaticum 'work of the master writes: "Contemporary Capogrossi, Mastroianni, Mazzacurati, the artist Represented in my humble opinion, a milestone in the search for a new way to include the actual leaving, Inevitably, a tangible trace in the history of painting. We all Hope that the present generation and future generations can continue to fully appreciate his work. "So concludes.
Speaking of his own works, Often These were the subject of gifts and from time to time his paintings were sold for a pittance to some art lover.
The artist died in Naples in June 1993, leaving friends and relatives
the memory of That Little piece of art That has always harbored in his hands, and beloved children to the memory of a father solemn, full of ideas and insights to express to the world ...

Via _Tribunali

"His painting was born at the amateur level and then took professional connotation."

The harlequin _Caterina

"The artist, who was a professor of painting, since the 60 's, to' Academy of Fine Arts in Naples."


"His precious teachings are still fondly remembered today"


"His legacy: that little piece of art that has always harbored in his hands, full of ideas and insights to express to the world ..." 

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