The abandonment

The Abandonment

The third tablet is the condition experienced by orphan 's abandonment. As already mentioned in the site, the teacher soon lost his mother. Taken away prematurely from that sneaky and evil era, which was then tuberculosis. He disappeared in 1942, right in the world war, and at the age of forty-eight years. The father was alone with four children and went to work in Germany, the German steel. Probably he was deported (this thesis supported by the memory of some relatives). The 'artist herself, then in solitude and more forced to live in compulsion, in structures that were at times very inhospitable. Many times escaped. The painting probably refers to one of these joints, which, given the proximity reached the sea. And there fled, and found a moment of peace, a truce with the rest of that world, so belligerent and hostile. In this panel, there is depicted a child placed in a position genuinely emblematic. A posture of meditation, as if in fetal attitude, expression, and of course this unconsciously sought by every living being, in the course of its existence. Quell'involucro protective, we all have in memory, and especially in the difficulties to which we tend. The 'additional protection here, is represented by the rock behind him, and embracing. The boy's face trafelare leaves his troubles, afflictions such that fatigue or acceptance are momentarily cease. The head of the lad slightly tilted, indicating precisely a sign of surrender and resignation. A moment of serenity, from before the waters of the sea. The theme of this representation, namely the abandonment, it is still quite relevant today, both for humanity and for each individual. A diversity of the past, in some developed societies like ours, we have by making this major event, a set of causes and motivations substantially different (in the past, illness et war), but produce the same exact and devastating effect. A sick society, where everyone lends itself easily to leave and to be abandoned. One need only think of the countless divorces et separations, wives and husbands repudiated, not to speak of such children, who live in the flesh, such a new and difficult conditions. Older people relegated to nursing homes, "homeless" abandoned by the company, widowers, and to whom the death ripped their dear ... The examples are endless, all we have already experienced this condition, simply by being born, detaching from that refuge was the warm womb of our mother. Certainly in our lifetime, this wretched situation, which is the abandonment, surely will resurface several times. And this is as certain as death. When it happens, we just hope to find ourselves in front of a calm and peaceful, where he could rest his head and find a little 'peace.


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