The short-term naive

Early works by self-taught

The first  pictures were certainly naive, and this can be deduced from the first oil painting still preserved in the house of her father. This picture, as can be seen in the image on the right, shows a certain vibrancy in colors typical naive art, as well as the assembly of the objects it contains and their proportion, not lacking, however, a shy and improved perspective . Perspective rapidly evolving as you can see below in charcoal dating always in the early days. Operates this not quite perfect from the point of view assumed by the proportional content, but valuable for the almost perfect interpretation of light. Not bad for the first works by self-taught, works well and without any cultural contamination (as indeed it is in the original naive) do not belong to a specific style, but already in the first denoting a steady hand and a very clear idea of the concept of painting.

Boats on the shore

Watercolor on cotton paper - 1994 25x35 cm

One of his first brushes.


Charcoal on cotton paper - 56x76cm 

(Private Collection - F. & M.B.W.)

WOODNS, in 1960.

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