Moniasogni - "Fragile" from the series "Au-dedans"






"My research provides a remarkable literary research ..."



"Bourreau II" from the series "C'est moi"



" Research that focuses on cultural topics such as: The woman, identity, self-assertion, sexuality, feminism, misanthropy, " penis envy ", the father figure and the male figure in the female psyche ...

"Destroying myself XI" dalla serie "Destroying myself"








... The importance of the body and of the self in contemporary art, instinct and conceptual art, the beautiful and the ugly in art, the desire to destroy the beauty in modern art ...

"Destroying beauty XI" from the series "Destroying beauty"




...The desire as the engine of all things, its extreme, hedonism, pleasure as the satisfaction of desire / grief as satisfaction of desire. "




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