How to sail the sea of ​​life

How to sail the sea of life

The table in question is a breakthrough compared to previous ones. A certain passage and established, as confirmed also by the subject in question. The theme of the painting at first glance it would seem simplistic and does not leave room for the slightest rumination, and if the title of the work invariably leads us to meditate. In the representation we can observe a number of sail in these waters that appear calm and quiet at times and some places moves and wrinkled. As it happens for the sails. Those in the foreground, seem to have the same orientation and a slower movement than in depth, until you find the disarray in the open sea. Carousel originated from a swirling wind that is portrayed as a typhoon over the boat. On your left from our observation. Detached, then appears in the distance a sail solo, which seems to sail in different waters, deeper and towards another horizon. The intrinsic meaning of the painting is to play metaphorically a "pass." The passing of a transition line, namely the exit from adolescence, and by extension that of family allegiance. Because sooner or later comes to everyone. Instant where you are alone in having to face the world with all its pitfalls, the place where everyone tries to find its way and its independence. This explains their wing and let yourself be carried away by the wind that is life. Light breeze, which at first seems to drive us all in a single direction. A little 'as happens in the society we live in, that urges us toward its trends and where the waters are still relatively calm and quiet. But the further one gets from taking off, as the currents are strong, became mighty wind gusts disrupt navigation and make it tough. Steer the boat is difficult, and the task is much harder when it enters the eye of cyclone. In these parts of the sea, many ships lost forever broken, others sink, and only a few come out unscathed and strengthened, ready to face new and unknown oceans. An example is precisely the sail solo, drawn on top of her sisters, out unscathed and fortified by the storm. By extension, this reference applies to the personal lives of every human being who in the course of its existence, has to do with a change. This metamorphosis, which can happen for personal choice, or set by fate. But that implies, always a very difficult passage, and the inevitable crossing of many vicissitudes, to reach a new and desired condition.



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