Serge Thibault

Serge Thibault, Canadian Artist.


I am Serge Thibault


I was born in Montreal in 1959


I had a happy childhood


I studied industrial design engineer and I graduated.

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I made ​​my living in the construction industry,



I till the age of 45, I was doing this.



I then fell into disfavor



I had an accident that took me off the job and three long years of my life spent in convalescence,

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 After this tragic episode



I started to paint.



I started to love life, which



I had thought of losing.



I have put my life in painting,



I paint life, and its nuances quickly.

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I flinch, water, a boat, a baby and all that he has ties with life and all that, 


I Love ...

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I find it enjoyable to share my art with other artists, enjoy their creations and comment on them.


I find it so positive, that


I continue to paint and draw from painting, pure pleasure!



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