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Beth Wittenberg - "beasts, buildings, & storms" project



Beth Wittenberg 



" Beasts, Buildings, & Storms " 


a 500 drawing project .

Before domestication 2014 -  8" x 10"ink on matboard
(c) Beth Wittenberg

A little bit about my process:


I have no preconceived notion, idea, or forethought that goes into creating a piece of art. I approach my materials with an open mind. One mark informs the next until I am satisfied and feel that the piece is complete. I do not censor myself. I work with the stream of consciousness. All the marks and words are raw from the pen to the paper. Sometimes they are nonsensical and other times they are meant as messages from a Higher Power to me. I take no credit for the work produced, I feel I am a medium between the Great Spirit and the materials I'm using.


Bound by grave circumstances 2014,  8" x 10" ink on matboard (c) Beth Wittenberg

Artistic Influences how their work inspires me:


I have many influences. In fact my greatest influences are childrens' art, outsider art and art brute. I appreciate the untrained hand and the simplicity of mark making that the outsider artist has. The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD is a place I had visited frequently when I was in art school and I was amazed at the incredible pieces of art made by untrained artists.  Other artists that have influence me are Jean Dubuffet, Paul Klee, Cy Twombly, Antonio Tapies, Friedensreich Huntertwasser, Josef Bueys, Marcel Duchamp, Antonio Gaudi, and the artists of the Expressionist school. These artists influence me in different ways but strong vibrant colors, erratic mark making, the use of unusual materials, the concept of ready-mades, and childlike forms are what Im drawn to aesthetically. Metaphysically Im drawn to "the spirit" in all cultures, transcending the time-space continuum, life after death, and the space between spaces.


Devouring siamese twins 2014, 8" x 10" ink on matboard (c) Beth Wittenberg

My biography :


My name is Beth Wittenberg. I am a contemporary artist. I have two undergraduate degrees, one in Philosophy and the other in Fine Arts and an MFA from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore Maryland, USA. I am constantly questioning what its like to be a human being and analyzing my experiences to learn life's inherent lessons. I live in rural New Hampshire with my soon to be wife, Sheri, my dog and three cats.


As above so as below 2015, 8" x 10" ink on matboard (c) Beth Wittenberg

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Beth Wittenberg
Rochester, NH, USA


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Maybe or maybe 2015, 8" x 10" ink on matboard (c) Beth Wittenberg