Maurizio Caggiano

Maurizio Caggiano "MAO" and the noble art of Boxing




Maurizio Caggiano



"As ancient as man, primitive and complex sport, boxing has always had extraordinary performers in a different way. Whites or blacks, have fascinated beautiful women and famous writers, were received at the court of kings and princes, rulers and tyrants. The their stories, timeless stories, are never trivial. tales of punches and life. "

(From Devils and fists Riccardo Signori)



Match of Lanzo d'Intelvi

Mao, a professional in the ancient art of boxing


" Boxing is considered something more than a sport, it is a noble art. Though its exact origins are not known, some recent discoveries on the island of Crete allow us to fix his birth to at least 1500 BC. C 'then is the authoritative witness of Homer in the Iliad is about a fight between two men. Please note that the poem dates back to 1800 BC. Other evidence indicates that boxing was already part of the Olympic Games of antiquity since 688 BC . There are references about boxing is that in the Republic of Plato's Gorgias and even the poet Pindar was insensitive to her charms, praising an Olympic champion in the 474 AC. the boxing, along with the ride, control and use of arms, was part of the education of a young man in ancient Greece ... "

 Brian Paul Stefen

Match of Bregnano

Mao, the ring of Bregnano, September 2013.





" The boxer, staggering, goes to the corner. Crolla on the stool.'s Left eye is closed due to hematoma the size of a ripe melon. With the right eye looks at his second and the question:" How am I going? "The second the observed, then it indicates the opponent and says, "If you kill, you do the same." "




Beppe Viola, Mark and George Pastonesi Terruzzi, If you kill her peers, 2004



" Inside the ring or out, there is nothing bad to fall.
It is wrong to lie on the ground. "
Muhammad Ali / Cassius Clay

Mao after the victory and Gianluca Sessa


" Being a boxer is not just hitting, but, first of all, learn how to get the shots. A cash out. To make those shots do less harm as possible.'s Life is nothing but a succession of rounds. Cashing, cash. hold on, do not give up. It hit the right place, at the right time. "

Jean-Claude Izzo, Total Chaos, 1995



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