Edwige Giraud

Edwige Giraud, the "collective memory"





Edwige Giraud
Self-taught " The important thing is not knowledge, but the do.'s Listen and experience, to imagine and invent, with enthusiasm and joy."




"Make of 'act of creating a fun and this is the most important thing to do, to invent, to wonder, and this always with pleasure and enthusiasm.
My current work is based on the case and the vacuum. In fact, when I work I avoid thinking. From this it follows a design that is not premeditated, but that is the expression of realized dream with open eyes. An ecstatic vision, drawn directly from the collective unconscious and universal memory.
And as he said J.Dubuffet << I think it's very important for an artist to align the thought of what he does, instead of wanting to align stubbornly his works with his mind >>. "

Edwige Giraud



May June 2005 Pro Arte Kasper Gallery in Morges Switzerland Glance 35 years painting, Art Brut and singular-Audience Award category new discovery Singular Art
Several group and solo exhibitions in France and abroad.
Suspensions Singular Art Festival 2009
Suspensions Singular Art Festival 2010
Art Walk St Germain en Laye June 2010
St Etienne Biennale Art Burlesque 2011
Unusual art Miermaigne 2011
Suspensions Singular Art Festival 2011
Suspensions Singular Art Festival 2012
Festival of Contemporary Art Dives / MY 2012
Gallery 69005 Old Lyon LYON


Maison des Artistes G410392


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