Carol Caron

Carole Caron , The queen of a fairy world

CAROLE CARON was born in 1953 in St-Pacôme, Kamouraska, a village south of Quebec City. She started her primary education at St. Philip de Neri, continuing to Micoua, another small village that is located on the sites of the Hydro-Quebec. She continued her studies at L'Assomption, then moved to Baie-Comeau, where she still lives and works for the Government of Quebec.


Fervent supporter of the arts, she discovered in 1992, a special interest in painting, by actively participating in courses taught by Nicole Belanger, an artist from Baie-Comeau. Also participating in an apprenticeship artists painting Bonneau Claude Seagal and Seymour. After these experiences Ia painting was a hobby at first, quickly becomes a passion for this art. 

In the past, there have been some artistic experiences, as autodidact. She works on pieces of wood and ceramics. But not limited to these elements and continues his research and explorations in the art world. Until she realized she preferred, by far, the paint on canvas, it develops its particular technical and personal.

Miss Clara 12 X 24 (the fairy pink and orange)


His technique, while she was impregnated to a traditional way of painting, she has developed a unique and dynamic energy. It highlights the use of a range of bright colors and shiny ordinary situations of life .

Ballerina (4 X 6) inches.


The simplicity and candor of his works contain many such magnanimity and generosity. She draws her inspiration from life itself, evoking the landscapes and emotions dormant for a long time, situations that have guided us in our childhood.

Energy (10 X 30) (buddha profile)


In addition to having received international recognition for his art, pure and sincere love that Carole's painting, was conducted in 2010 and 2011 join the CDP EDITIONS of Longueuil to produce tools that people use who want to learn painting. Over the past two years, it has more to his credit more than fifteen seminars in different cities of the province to learn how to paint the participants .

Dance (6 X 8 inches)


" The colors and what we experienced at times as a child back in our lives and remind us of our moods and states of mind of those wonderful and special moments of our childhood ..."


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