Journey's End

He broke off for a moment ... that fast of speech ...

During  the winter of 2007, Woodns felt very tired and was struck by a series of ailments endless, so as to convince him to make a series of clinical tests. To be noted that, as for the work with hospitals, medical facilities and medicines had absolutely a good feeling. For years jumped regularly checks that his underlying disease (hyperthyroidism) systematically required him to do. And not only rarely took drugs, really necessary for its care. But this time was different; meekly convinced. When they got the test results, with a clinical picture much altered, was fixed a specialist. Appointment set for the month of February 2008, at a local hospital.
That day the doctor, considering the reports, proposed the immediate hospitalization. Through the long corridors that separated him from the department, he uttered no word. Same scene changes during all stages prior to admission. Coupling unit of hospitalization, he was invited to undress. In front of the cabinet, the artist, grabbed his shirt, bringing both hands to his chest and instead of slacciarla, with a jerk, I blew up all the buttons. An angry gesture and impotence in the face to the disease, or only the harbinger of a disastrous fate. The next morning the son, who worked in the same hospital, he went to visit him. To his surprise, he found him fully dressed. He was ready for a new evasion; definitely wanted to go home. They had to sweat little to convince him to stay. He returned to his home about a week later. The prognosis, unfortunately, was very poor. He had only a few months old. Neither he nor Graziella it was said explicitly. Told him that he is a bad disease, chronically and who requires care for the rest of existence.
That day he asked the lights son on life expectancy. Responding ambiguously, the son said: "It could be twenty years, as well as a few months" and then, not wanting to lie at all, he added, "Unfortunately, it is an insidious disease, every day is a gift."
Took note of it, repeating loudly that last sentence, as if wanting to point out, with a strong sense of resignation. But he still received a promise from the children: both being nurses would have cared as much as possible at home, avoiding any new hospitalization. What comforted him, and knowing that cycle, he should undergo infusions, prepared at the bedside of his one stands to be used as support for intravenous infusion. Support, which was used only on the last day. Despite promises, still had to go to the clinic, as useful drugs (blood) were not available outside of the hospital. It was only a couple of times. The general conditions, in fact, deteriorated quickly. He arrived one morning in April and was accompanied in Day-Hospital for a check. He was very tired and everybody understood that maybe this would be the last exit. A sortie that, although he lacked the forces, faced with extreme dignity. He did not want help from anyone, not even to go down the stairs, he did step by step, with stubbornness and obstinacy even greater in climbing them, when he returned home.
It was a battle between her mind still bright and his body, once so powerful and obedient, that at that time he refused to perform the most basic functions. A dispute that lasted two days. And two endless nights. It happened just that night, getting out of bed to go to the bathroom, fell and was unable to get up. He got help and returned to bed. Since then he closed in silence. At the same time he began a relentless dance, in an attempt to get up, but his legs would not support him. Sometimes interrupted the fight, letting go back on the bed and giving the impression of being exhausted, but soon after ritentava the sortie. His had a lot to do to handle a situation so stubborn that lasted about forty-eight hours. Fact that also left room for some interlude mimed. The most significant of these interludes happened last night: prone on the bed, place as if it were kneeling in front of a stream, with his right hand began to drink the water lifting putting their mouth, assaporandola and giving the impression that he was really dissetandosi, as if attingesse really a pure source, and benefit from, and relief.
At the end of that long and troubled night, though exhausted, he could still raise the ambitions were not over. When the sun began to peep inside the room, came to the other son. Now his loved ones were all present. He rushed once again to the edge of the bed helped, he sat down and tried to stand on their own feet one more time: alone and without support. A vain attempt. It was then handed him his easel to support, he clung to it, and collecting all the forces in an extreme effort, almost managed to get up, but suddenly, the energy was less, he fell back on itself, going to his head banging on the stand and by getting a wound on his forehead. That was really the ultimate test. Back to bed, broke for a moment of silence that fast uttering the last words: "I die, I die." Then he calmed down. The death had reached him just after two in the afternoon of that April 9, 2008.

She reached ... that was just after two in the afternoon ...

He broke for a moment the fast speech, uttering the last words ... Then she calmed down.

The last drip ...

Tried again for a time to get up ... in a vain attempt ... then handed him his easel to support ...


He knelt and with his right hand began to drink the water ... as if raising attingesse really a pure source.

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