The Mystery: Second part

An examination of the painting done

 Let us now turn to an examination of the painting done. At the end of our analysis, we realize particular are even more amazing. A first observation leads us clearly to reflect on the theme of the picture. At the center, as seen in previous images, we take the image of this great eye. Always keeping in mind the initiation studies undertaken by him, may be the representation of God's eye, in fact this represents a complete view of things, sees all, a symbol of omnipotence and omniscience God.
The choice of color (ie, the use of only four colors) to finish the work, he would have the strength to give meaning and continuity to this hypothesis. The blue, white and red, in the Christian religion have a value assigned to them by the iconography popular because they represent the colors of the SS Trinity. The blue of the Son, and the Father is white and red for the Holy Spirit. As regards the fourth color, namely black, it can be said that, probably, has been used for its ambivalence. Symbolically, in the dream, the black represents death and sorrow, but also the germination and rebirth. As noted above, the work consists of two distinct parts, both linked only by the central subject. A left part where contents are two important elements: a figure with top hat and a sphere lower. Bodies are reported to be in motion, as if they were about to enter and pierce the eye. The same figures reappear later in the right part, with substantial differences, both in color and form. As if they had lost in the hypothetical transition and at the same time purchased anything.
Looking at the human figure, we see that the first expression is mature and experienced. An area of the cap is depicted in blue load, color passing over down on the face, in a sort of serpentine, going to almost completely conceal the eye of the subject. The equivalent figure to the right, however, is completely devoid of this color. Appears timid, young and expression is one of astonishment, his eyes wide open. The globe on the left is full of blue, which along with the size and weight of a thought, is to be deprived of all these features, in the adjacent box. Where it reappears hyaline and lightened. Now if we consider what we previously thought, and that is that the blue is linked to the human dimension of God, then the tangible, in a few words to all the passions of human nature, we can assume that, through the gate of 'otherworldly (represented at the top, at the center of the picture), is reached in this new dimension, where there are more weights to carry, it becomes lighter. Not only do you get rid of the body, but also gives away momentarily all the baggage of the Earth.
Thoughts, words, deeds, we find enclosed all together in that blue load, and in that castle depicted in the upper right (picture below). Manor divided into several rooms which come gradually until you get to the tower. Fortress which is a cathartic, where everything is gradually screened and purged, until access to La-Maison-Dieu, as it is called the tower in Marseille tarots. Arcane, last seen as a place of atonement, where the experience of the disastrous fall (death) is undoubtedly an occasion that heralds an evolutionary transformation. Metamorphosis, which allows to turn a different view of things and beings and outlook on life. Renewal that has as its ultimate rebirth. This building incorporates a lozenge that contains the famous 9, that number doubles here. One black and one red. Not tackle the issue of the division because there is much to discuss, but it is important to clarify two things useful to drain this area of representation: one concerns the diamond, which in some pre-Columbian cultures depicted the eye of God, the other the value of 9, that to be the largest of simple figures, symbolizes the activities above. Number of departure, to be precise, a superior cycle of existence and which, therefore, is the initiation.
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The human figure has a lived expression ... the hat is full of blue

An area of the cap is shown in deep blue ...

The figure is devoid of blue, and seems more shy and young ...

The figure at right, is completely devoid of this color ... that we find in that blue as load, contained in the Castle ...

A manor divided into various rooms ... Until you get to the tower ..

Fortress which is a cathartic, where everything is gradually screened and purged ... until access to La-Maison-Dieu.

Through the gate

Crossing the threshold of the afterlife, you come to a new dimension, where there are more weight to carry, and you become lighter.

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