The bet on the art

Marriage and bet on the art ...

After  that period more or less obscure, Woodns returned to Como in the second half of 1959, he found work as a painter in the then largest city, Ticosa, and there he met his future wife, Carla Peverelli, coming from a family of peasant origin, turned then, with the advent of industrialization, in proletarian nucleus. Umberto became engaged and was in a hurry to get married; convolò wedding May 22, 1960, the feast of St. Rita, the saint of roses. The couple was eager to have children, but were not immediately. They had to wait about three years and then from that marriage were born two children, a boy and a girl.
It was about a year after the wedding that Umberto braced again the brush. It was thanks to the father, Umberto Peverelli, or rather of his provocation. It happened that at a dinner party with his family, he manifested a desire to buy canvases and paints. The father in law, who was a man 'Victorian' with principles very different from his, he had a high regard and, having a little 'weighed that night ruled in dialect: "If you voret ago, you barlafus?». As if to say, "What do you want, little man?". Woodns takers and pushed even more pride, began to paint. And this was for life. He never abandoned more art at his home in Rebbio in Como, in Spartacus 13 / B.

...became engaged and was in a hurry to get married...

The brides and grooms in white blue. Miniature watercolor on cotton paper, 3x5 cm

May 22: On the day of her marriage to Carla.

Married ... just as you leave the sanctuary dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. Place that is located in Camerlatese.

The father in law, Umberto Peverelli

Umberto Peverelli (Camerlata 1902-Camerlata, 1978). The " Provocateur ."

A sweet youthful image of his wife, Carla Peverelli

Carla Peverelli (1929 Camerlata-Rebbio, 1995) - He was a companion for the artist, very caring and patient ... It was certainly not easy to live with a man so outlandish and completely different from her. A woman liege duty and precise ... its opposite ... For love and only love was willing to forgive many times.


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