Domenico di caterino

Domenico "Mimmo" Di Caterino , founder of " Mario pesce a fore"







" Mimmo"

Di Caterino was born in Naples, 1973



1992-1997 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and worked and studied holed up in His Study at "crazy and desperate."



1997-2001 Founding of the posse of artists "Mario Pesce a Fore" born to critically challenge and tackle the "new global order Privatized transnational art." With the collective pseudonym participates in many exhibitions of contemporary art national and international attention and managed the third floor of the center "Laboratory Okkupato ska" in Naples.

"Picture left in Naples from 2006 to 2012 and executed between 1994 and 2011"


2003-2005 Work with the art magazine "Art Exib" for which he is distrusted and dismissed, is distrusted even by the Academy of Fine Arts and a Master of Naples and her daughter is also mistrusted by the historian, curator and critic 'art Achille Bonito Oliva.



2006 Collaborates with international art magazine "Flash Art" from which is then removed and distrusted.

sculptures abandoned


He began collaborating with his partner and wife of art and life  Barbara Ardau , was born on "Santa Barbara open, free and full project", an attempt virus performatico and behavioral re-discuss and renegotiate the quality and merit-based criteria that govern the system of 'art.
He stopped painting and regularly gets rid of all his paintings and sculptural plastic abandoning it in public places in several European cities, many in Naples city with which it has never succeeded in cutting off the bridges.


Santa Barbara Project:
"Santa Barbara open, free and full project", an attempt to renegotiate viral performatico behavioral criteria that govern the quality and merit-art system.

Artist abusive to Piazza Bellini


2007 is removed from the portal and distrusted art "Equilibriarte".


2010-12 With Barbara Ardau after "Santa Barbara Project" please try to think about concrete possibilities to represent a more socially and culturally the art system, returns to create, actively supports the campaign of communication media and cultural workers of the former garrison in Rockwool Standing in Campo Pisano Iglesias (Ca), which operates a network of artists sympathetic to the cause, was born on Rockbus Museum, the museum of former defense workers in permanent conflict with the gallery Frau Giuseppe Contemporary Art gallery with imaginary claims and ambitions "international" that thought can manage an area of struggle as a showcase for its young artists can be set out in the various art exhibition around the globe. Bride Barbara Ardau. Starts to paint in a "graphics" without taking too seriously his drawings on canvas notes that considers path. Teamed with his wife Barbara Ardau organize a series of private exhibition of contemporary art in their car communication process of making sense of contemporary art where it becomes difficult to separate between art, artist, spectator and sponsor (Tavor Art Mobil).


Process media activism in solidarity with the cause of the former Rockwool workers vying for the job:February 15, 2012.

Artist abusive to Piazza Cavour


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