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" Magdalena Křenková, Painter, Poet, Restorer, Illustrator and Teacher, born in 1966 as the third of six children in a family of artists, Dačice, a town in southern Bohemia, Czech Republic in the current capital but in the years of his childhood and youth, was part of the now extinct "Czechoslovak Socialist Republic" during the Soviet totalitarian regime and in full "cold war". Importantly this in order to understand some peculiar nuances of 'art of Magdalena. Although the outside world was hostile in those years he spent his childhood, and grows in his loving and special family, open to the arts. The precursor was her grandfather Josef Florian, who founded a public company "Dobre dilo" and that with its initiatives, introduced the seed of art in your household. Seed which has borne fruit. The parents of Magdalena, Karla Florian, the mother is an artist and window dresser and his father Jan Florian, was a painter, sculptor and restorer, who died in 2007. And in the study of Pope Jan who was born the love for art, remember the smells and odors emanating linden wood, paints and turpentine. And how she liked to look over the shoulder of his father and wanted to know the secrets of that "magic". Li began to draw and that's where in later years, he studied restoration and painting. But as she herself said in an interview "the real interest for the art world, was born in me at thirteen years old when I wrote my first poems." Graduate, and established artist now lives with her husband Jiri Krenek and his three wonderful children Vojtech, Veronika and Michaela in the house where Josef Florian was born in the small village of Stara.


It is interesting to highlight a recurring theme in his paintings. The "window". This element creates a strong bearing on the hatch. It is therefore an encrypted message that the author wants to send us. in fact the Latin word meaning "fenestram", it indicates precisely the opening. Unlike the door,, has a particular characteristic, which is manifested in its ambiguity. trasponendosi between the outer and inner world. In the first case outside lets in light inside the rooms inside in the second case, allows the 'observation of the outside world...

The set

...This slot emblematic, offers a very wide interpretation even in the world of psychology, and partly unexplored territory that is the unconscious, where it assumes significance intake high hopes and invites us leaving a world that is too close to us and which leads us to a need to escape. Reducing conditions in particular inevitably, to an introspective journey. Journey in search of the soul, which most often occurs quite spontaneously in the absence of material things...


...So, Magdalena shows us with his colors, and his lively performances and sometimes dark, part of itself and its own particular experience of life lived. His age and his Green Spring, spent in a cynical world and surrounded by high walls. To which she affixed to walls of windows, the gates opened and closed so that two opposing worlds could observe, understand and comprehend the absurdity of separation manifests punctuated only by the lust for power and supremacy. Windows also have done and make you dream, beyond any wall or obstacle, of our existence...






...So his paintings and poetry, are to our souls (using a term Nerudiano) as a "sword, fresh ", and teach, that in any situation where we would find there, from free or oppressed, or in error in justice is, we always windows, invented and how it happened to Madeleine, you can throw open a new world."






Magdalena Křenková

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