Omar Porras Marin

Omar Porras Marin I am an artist
I dedicate myself to painting for thirty years.
I perform my work using different techniques.
My themes are varied, landscapes, still lifes and the human being
the style is realistic and sometimes even hyper realistic.
I made numerous solo exhibitions and have participated in numerous group exhibitions. In the spring of 1995 I was honored at the event held by the "Center for Artists in Rome" where there was an exhibition of Italian painters, and Latin Americans.
I also have an award of honor for my work, from my nazione.E this for my art, my exhibitions for national and international exhibitions, biennials, which I attended and where I was very much appreciated.
My works are in private collections and banking.
For over 5 years I have had my studio in New York, where my painting has sold and exhibited in various galleries.
I currently live in Costa Rica where I installed my laboratory.

" I perform my work using different techniques."


"My themes are varied, landscapes, still lifes and...the human being "

                                                                  Venus asleep


"These particular paintings are inspired and express my concern about the water, its conservation and its recycling. This work represents a natural and pure, where the earth element coexist in natural harmony with the essence of water, which is essential for life on earth itself. "

Omar Porras Marin

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