Animated History of WOODNS

First episode


Start Here , lively narration of the incredible story of Woodns .


 A story that has spanned almost the entire last century. The twentieth century . An era, the younger generation seems so remote , and who was a member by birth or lived sometimes appears faded, almost unreal. Perhaps the unprecedented discovery to belong to this new century, and some awareness of being part of a new millennium , the third , or falling asleep political irrogatoci in recent years , the memories and the recent history appear so remote , and for some , the majority , lost.
This first episode shows a summary of the events of His . At first singles, couples and then subsequently ; parents . Fathers and mothers of children ephemeral , already burdened , not by public debt as current generations , but higher taxes , Hunger , Disease and the inevitable DEATH. The " Spread" at that time was very high and Partisan .
In the cartoon , we see , spectators, an account almost at par , until and including the decimation of their children. Calculation that reaches the bias , with the disappearance of his mother in the middle of World War II.
Woodns , in that circumstance, was just ten years old, and he watched his mother for three days and three nights , on the grave.
John the Apostle , his father, and he found himself alone with four small children, to be protected.
Not being able to cope with the new contingency, was forced to entrust the entire offspring to orphanages ...

Second episode




Woodns , for reasons of force majeure, finds himself , volens nolens been placed in an orphanage . Abandoned by all loved ones . The mother disappeared, the sisters also locked in other women's structures , and the father , "forced" in Germany. This condition , which, while still a child , forced him to a life that is absolutely tight. Hence the constant leaks . Escapes from those irrational and dark structures . Removals took and studied there to emphasize a indomitable , early and free personality . Feature that will remain indelibly for his entire life . Existence of a true free spirit . In the episode is also manifested his fear emphatic during the bombing . 's Not forget that we are in the middle of World War II. War that officially completed with the release of the bomb atomic . Hostility but does not cease altogether, still drags with him his stracico , death , hunger and misery ...

Third episode


The college

Post an orphanage, his joints and his wanderings, war, had come to an end. Woodns, he returns home, where he meets his older sister, Elena. Asks the father and sisters. The sisters are in the orphanage and the father is still in Germany. Meanwhile, Elena, having had a vocation, he decided to become a nun, of the order of Guanellian and chooses to take him to Como se. Will live in college. A site is run by priests and nuns of the order. Them grow. By undertaking a variety of activities, including the school that he had abandoned after the death of his mother. A few years later from them, it comes out, man.

Fourth episode


Como 1950

In this episode, Woodns finally and officially regained freedom after years spent in various institutions. On leaving the school, before returning home, visit the city that hosted lovingly to him in recent years. I admire the sheer beauty and decides to stay . Find accommodation and starts working. The occupations certainly not lacking in those years , but the conditions were too harsh . The workforce also came to lend to eighteen , twenty hours a day and uses many times were temporary and daily . The ' interesting in this episode is also noted that the applicant wall , which appears almost every night , dreams of Woodns . The walls, as well as the death of his mother , indelible marks tattooed on the skin , trauma, who will never abandon it for the rest of his life. In the episode , we note the passing of the months , between work and leisure , until the day that the postman handed him the card of obligation to military service.

fifth episode