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Joachim  Artist

Writer WebDesigner MultiMedia Developer . (Tegelen, the Netherlands,1954) works as a professional artist since 1980. He studied art in the Netherlands, Paris (France), and the US (Palomar College San Diego). Over the years his work was shown in over a 100 exhibitions in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.


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In 1987 Joachim published his first short story, but before and after he wrote articles and essays for several magazines in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US. He started his first novel in 2006, while living in Spain. Publication followed in Dutch, in February 2011.

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His Study at the Palomar College brought Joachim in contact with digital art, which discipline he developed over the years. Through Mail Art contacts he experienced the pre-Internet possibilities. In 1997 he went back to college in Antwerp for a 6 month course Internet Developer Expert.


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Among the various themes of his artwork is definitely the place 'eros. And that, both in the visual domain, as evidenced by the works exhibited here than in writing. Interesting certainly, to know the work of his pen and appreciate his skills in these areas is to read out his particular book " Gajien ". The plot:"Against the setting of Paris in the early 70's, a 18 year old student enters the world of big city life and the bohemian way of living of their artistic scene. He meets a 13 year older Japanese woman who invites him to share her apartment. A story about love in a time that love meant freedom of sex as well. An experiment between a beautiful exotic female and a boy on his way to manhood, driven by their lust to discover" 


Enjoy and happy reading, F.B.W.

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