Marino Lecchi

Marino Lecchi -Ecce Homo , 2008 120x120 mixed media

New Critical Text by Joan Lluís Montana
 Marino Lecchi:
Quantum physics, geometry, surreal essence, timeless journey


"A journey through parallel universes are his works, made with mixed media by searching the allegory in wanting to bring other realities with some symbolic awareness. He leaves also carry a certain dreamlike surreal geometries that overcome physical barriers by seeking a diversity of options in multiple realities. In this way, the gestures become its formal structures, undulations that are part of different needs, some beyond the physical.
Presents a real game of matter, elements and universes within the range of possibilities, always leaving a feeling of freedom and universality...

The Infinite real , mixed media 2008 120x120

...It tends to refine the formulation of shared space, to compose a work that is free, but at the same time contains an embryo that occurs continuously, as a kind of personal stamp that defines his painting, and configure the parameters on which it is based.
What is up is down and what is below is above. Us that there are no limits and that there are other dimensions beyond the length, width, height, space and time.
He tells us of the existence of other areas where there are no space limitations, we describe the shape, structure and matter as living entities, which are longer than others, and material realities, moving constantly, to settle in different areas and different worlds density.
Show organicity, structures, energy forces that shape the forms that continually transform everything that exists, at any time, at any time, second by second.
Nothing is static, there is the symbolism of the eternal, because the truth is in flux...

Singularity , mixed technique 80x80 2010

...It shows the geometry involved in progression to infinity, the need to embrace the heat from science, technology, energy and fire from the evidence of emotional and intense colors.
His use of color is crucial because that's what opens the doors to the lives that you do not see but they exist and are praying, changing and transforming our own reality.
He is a painter who, at the same time, is an artist of emotions, from dall'onirico and real dialogue from different perspectives to arrive at different solutions to the same problem, because, basically, everything that exists is interchangeable, and interacts transforms...

Connections Dynamic , mixed media 2011 100x100

...Creator of moments built, with forms of movement, dynamics, electrical, dream and essential, in particular looking around, interacting with the fact that what is of the essence is what is particular and universal at the same time.
His buildings and universes are the foundation of the evidence relating nell'emblematicità of his position and in its basic formulation...

Elements of Singularity , mixed media 2011 100x100




...Marino Lecchi  focuses on what is evident in the changing perspective, because it is a creator who loves to coexist with the shape and dynamics of what is intangible, in the prism of possibilities and bets vital, aware that it is common to and real ' inner life that, despite having their own time, coexists simultaneously in different spheres."

Joan Lluís Montané

Asociación Internacional de Arte de criticos (AICA)




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