Marco Landi

Marco Landi, "They are made of light, are made of stars"


" One day while he was sleeping in a cave, he dreamed of seeing his sleeping body. He left the cave in a night of new moon. The sky was clear and there were millions of stars. Then something happened that changed his life forever...

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...He stared at his hands, felt his body and heard his voice saying: " I am made of light are made of stars" ...




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... He looked again at the stars and realized that the stars are not to create light, but is the light that creates the stars...





Marco Landi, craftsman, cabinetmaker, digital painter. He was born in Pontedera (PI) in 1966. To understand part of his art and his massage, we can refer to the description of the critical Athena Cavallari : Marco Landi paints with high technical and certainly this is an obvious fact; a manual conscious and militant clearly present in the yield and the meanings of each chosen subject. would be a mistake to think that his work is the result of one talent, as well as similar venture would presume the outcome of a natural process and without doubt.A versatile artist of eclectic and restless temperament, Landi goes in different directions. Born master cabinetmaker-carver, with the same dedication and transportation, has gradually gained consciousness and ability to express themselves through graphic design and digital painting. Urgency: the search fornew languages, to investigate the larger universe of knowledge in a variety of sources that is mostly located in the world. Landi carries digital painting thoughtfully and passionately involved disciplined, his photographs are the source from which flows a complex manipulation that never in a hurry to be fixed. A process almost archaic technology and precision that embodies, retains and radiates a firm moral stance and a thinly-veiled autobiographical lyricism. Conducts its own research by making interfere with theater, dance and poetry, exploring in depth the relationship between culture and contemporary image. A clear word echoed insistently in the work of Landi: "theater", meaning both theatrum mundi that as a theater of memory.The author does not pretend: his is an honest job, the mirror of an awareness of acute and intense sensitivity, warns that the violence of history and logic dell'abstractio denounces the yoke. Landi develops a critical reflection on the complex dynamics of latent and visible within the socio-cultural structure consolidated, moving between lunges and autobiographical insights of a general nature. It comes natural to read the fragments of his production as a perception that intimate universal dimension comes to avoiding the arrogance of one direction. The artist uses a form of language that emphasizes the emotional value of communication, the representation takes on symbolic, allusive resonances and dissonances of life. Abstraction and figuration is compare and demonstrate the artist's awareness towards the autonomy its emotional and expressive language, as is the treatment of surface texture on the bottom is a patient of tracks, the footprints are experienced that rise like the plot of ancient scratches, broken and wrinkled as atavistic friction."

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..."Everything is made of light," he said, "and the space between things is not empty"...Understood that human perception is the light receiving further light,This discovery changed his life...




Activities vitae

Selections Award "Scamorzi" 2009
Contest Prize "triad" 2010-2011
Competition "Colors surfaced" palace of Caserta 2009-2010
Collective "Dolls" Naples 2010
Collective "Freely" Pomezia 2010
Solo exhibition at the "Theatre of the Queen" 2011 Catholic
Project "New Code" Ferrara Este castle, collecting and selecting the artists for the sixth biennial
International Contemporary Art Ferrara 2012
Competition "Premio triad" 2012

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Now he knew who he was ... and really, looking at other men and nature was astonished to see himself in every living being and in everything."

Taken from "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.


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