Rosalia Valente dos Santos

"Apart from Me" - acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40cm (2011)




Rosalia Valente dos Santos was born in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of the Congo, October, 1948.
He now lives in Portugal, since 1956.
A started to embark on his journey in the art in 1992, with the painting and particularly by creating a ceramic workshop and painting on tile.
Self-taught in painting on canvas. Painting, using oil and acrylic.'s Theme that prevails in his paintings is landscape. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective in his country and abroad.

“The Blue on the Fog" - oil on canvas 50 x 40cm (2007)

His works are in private collections, in the municipalities of cities and other institutions.

Are contained in various, anthologies of publications and productions of art, in particular, in '"Yearbook of Contemporary Art" by Fernando Infante do Carmo (Ed. 2005), the "Golden Book of Contemporary Art in Portugal -. vol I, Fernando Infante do Carmo (Vols and 2006), 5 and 6 (DVD) - Laboratory Collections - Naturalism:. Art Major - Dictionaries in "Art in Women - Who's Who in" Painting Portuguese in the XXI century "and" the figurative Visual Arts in Portugal in the XXI century ", written by journalist and art critic Afonso Almeida Brandao and" European Art "Fernando Infante do Carmo (Ed.2011).
Reference is made also of his art, in the newspapers "new truth" of 15 September 2006 and 1 July 2008 (Alenquer) and, in the September 2006 "Raízes do Amanhã" (Espinho).

"Freshness" - oil on canvas, 46 x 38cm (2008)

His résumé may include several award-winning works, and numerous activities in which he participated and participates in:

On request, in 2008, provided support to the "Car Dino and Project Blue" - painting for children and young people -

 And 'member: the GART - Group of Artists and Friends of the Arts, located in Vila Franca de Xira,

Académie Européenne des Arts, with offices in several countries, including Portugal -

and "Arts Association" Paco D'Arcos.

“Looking at the Sea" - oil on canvas 40 x 20cm (2008)

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