Johann Sebastian Wieczorek

Johann Sebastian Wieczorek-Jelenia Gora, PL




Johann Sebastian Wieczorek - contemporary Polish painter, born in 1972 in Jelenia Gora, Lower Silesia. From a cultural education - University of Wroclaw. The work of painting has taken in conscious line since 1998, when it began work on a series of images showing the transformation of the modern world, the complexity of cultural, sociological, and sometimes topped with a large dose of metaphysics. Over the years he experimented in search of his own clarity of dealing with not only paintings but also works in the field of off-cinema, which years later became a production Author: video-impression or video-art. As a cultural studies also deal with an independent civic journalism, focusing on issues concerning the impact of new media on the identity of modern man and the issues concerning the so-called. spiritual sphere. Another important issue is taken by Wieczorek cultural collision, transgressions and the phenomenon of perii-mortum. He is also involved in experimenting in search of new forms. Painted images in a transparent and mobile technology is trying to connect, find and select the often overlooked phenomenon in the art of vision associated with the physicality and biology of the human brain. - Paint a colorful spot, intuitive, imaginative sketch, clear syntax, mimicry, moving painting, postmodern single-code violation to give and receive work influenced that of John Wieczorek images are original and distinctive

Eating Chips 2008 / Acrylate 138 cm X 94cm /

"Art should not be just a set of form or color, must bring the cultural implications of an era and the historical context in which the artist creates. - One of the main series, is based largely on its ability to comment with painting, modern culture. Division in which the author tries to capture this. cyclic a painting with careful selection of subjects ...

Thinking in the factual cathegories 2008 / Acrylate 138 cm X 94cm /


 ...There are some pictures socio-cultural, which also refer to the spirituality of modern and events of importance globale.Il his style is fashionable, it is the represented elements can be classified, and find space in his works together, as in a fusion postmodern, which follows different directions. The cycle is not subject to the imposition of any known form of painting ...

Wenus in Aquapark 2010 /Acrylate 120cm X 75 cm

... The author presents his images, figures close to abstraction, a painting that is reminiscent of primitive peoples. The cycle is designed to work closely on the figure, sketched above in pencil. The distinctive feature of the main series are these images that arise from a patch of natural color, which recalls the land and sometimes the cement elements, which have been summarized in this figurative. Works that make up this series, taking the form of a transparent paint, and the conceptual shift is closely related to the transmission of the culture of today. "


 /Jan Wieczorek /

Dolls behind the altar 2009 Acrylate 138 cm X 94cm