WOODNS and the shows

He refused all opportunities ...

And 'certainly a duty to learn and develop the thought of Woodns about this topic. The painter took almost never expose. The motivation, the reasons for this choice, is not well understood, although many times had this opportunity. And above all this happened over the years in Switzerland, when he met patrons willing to fund a possible staff. But, he did not even in later years when economically could cope with such an event, in the perspective of what, exactly, was urged by family members. He refused all the opportunities that were offered, including those served on a silver platter. One of these, in fact, was to be able to display, in the eighties, in Campione d'Italy. The children used to say: "The exhibitions will you, when I am dead."
That was his way of getting to their insistence on time. Curiously, however, almost never refused invitations to competitions and collective. Competitions, which he won and sometimes she loved, such as the Grape Festival Mendrisio, an event that takes place every year outdoors and for this he especially appreciated. We triumphed in 2001 and stood always at the forefront in subsequent years. As a collective, however, made it really low, the last was the prestigious, cited in the previous chapter.

Rare holdings of Umberto Boscolo a public events ..

The official podium in one of the parties grape Mendrisio.

The lion laughs

Lions Series - Miniature - Watercolor on cotton paper, 7x9 cm (Private Collection - F. & M. B. W.)

Monument to friendship between peoples (Como)

Watercolor on paper 38x56 cm

Painting the grape festival ...

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