Massimo Pacilio

Massimo Pacilio - I felt strong in me the desire to try ... I did.




Massimo Pacilio

I was born in Naples on 1964,
My childhood was spent among brushes, colors and palettes,
call myself a painter too, a lover of painting is an understatement.
A few years ago, I pulled out of the garage of old canvases
painted by my father when I realized
that the weather had deteriorated
I decided to restore them personally.
By doing this work, are rekindled in me the memories,
I saw my father paint,
His hand was lost in the elegant color,
create something from nothing ... just a brush and a canvas of colors.
I felt strong in me the desire to try,
I did.

Podos - mixed media on canvas embossed gallery

"The freedom of expression by Massimo Pacilio"

Holy Family - mixed media on canvas in relief

 "Giving life to matter and turn it into emotions"

He and She - mixed media relief on canvas

Extremely technical and stylistic versatility distinguishes the work of Massimo Pacilio abolishing the most conventional boundaries between the different figures of expression to present itself in a variety of forms, which makes the painter hardly recognizable. A production that originates polymorphic, technically, by constant experimentation, especially in the use of materials, while in terms of more purely expressive painting Pacilio is strongly influenced by the moods that pass through the author in the construction phase and that to some extent guide him through the entire creative process. Art by Massimo Pacilio, however, technical and content are largely independent, as a further confirmation of a variety of styles that can not meet any conditions. The same basic idea, or even the same object representation can be represented by means of different techniques that guarantee the freedom of expression to the author that the artist has set itself an essential factor. 

Domenico Raio

Lara - mixed media on canvas embossed gallery


"...painting Pacilio,appears to be strongly influenced by moods..."



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