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Jutta Brandt-Stracke: Fantasia ,23- 25 June 2017

Dear friends of art and art!
Children, how time passes !!
 Now it is only a good 14 days until the exhibition 
FANTASIA in Hilden.
Henri Berners will be delighted at the
opening with impulses and suggestions
for the exhibition theme.
We may be more curious. The exhibition runs until Sunday,
the 25th of June 2017, 6 pm. I will be present every day.
 I would like to invite you cordially and look forward to many guests,
interested and curious.  Let's meet?   Kind regards Jutta Brandt-Strack

Jutta Brandt-Stracke,collective!


Jutta Brandt-Stracke, visit his page  >>>

eindeind [264 Kb]

Magdalena Krenkova, exhibits!


Magdalena Krenkova, visit his page >>>

Expo 2015, Bansimba Kylous exhibits! (Pavilion: Democratic Republic of the Congo


Bansimba Kylous

Artist, EXPO 2015, official representative of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Visit the Hall and admire his masterpieces.

Visit his page >>>